In this review, I will be talking about the Whiskey Saigon. If you are somebody who is in the mood to try the international scene in Boston, you should definitely be prepared to pay for it. It is not something that is going to be very affordable indeed. But, it is a wonderful place where you will have a really good time. It gets points off of the skyhigh cover charges and also the drinks are quite expensive indeed. Just because the drinks are expensive, does not mean they are absolutely fantastic. Some drinks are not that good at all, while some are pretty decent.

You should know that you will actually have a really good time, because it is a place filled with all of the energy and excitement that you would expect in a place like that. The bottle menu is definitely beautiful. But, you should definitely be ready to pay a lot of money for it.


It would be a good idea to pre-game, but make sure that it is not recognisable in your breath. Saturday nights are definitely wild here. It happens to be among the top 30 places to hit in the entire city. Latin music is also something that fills the room. You will find it in the international room, most of the time. I definitely suggest that you arrive early, if you are in the hopes of getting in and also you need to keep in mind that you cannot walk in wearing whatever you want. Dress code is not optional. You need to understand the dressing to impress is certainly something that you should consider. Make sure that you wear something that you would wear to a party or a night in a nightclub.

It is on 116 Boylston Street, Boston. Read actually has a swanky reputation for being really good indeed. The night life, like I have mentioned above, is definitely one thing that everybody come here for. People in the youth are definitely looking for a place that has a very exciting and energetic night life.


Exploring the nightlife in your city is certainly something that you should do, no matter where you are in my humble opinion, I feel that a lot of places are a lot more beautiful in the night, when compare to morning.
It could be possible for you to meet the love of your life or, you could bring along your friend and have a wild night that you are probably not going to forget for the rest of your life. Either way, it is guaranteed that you will have a spectacular time here.

Whisky Saigon – Review

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